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All About Braces

All About Braces

How Braces Work

What are braces?

Braces are dental devices used in orthodontics. These are mini metal heads placed on every tooth linked by thin metal wires across the upper or lower set of teeth.

With the ever-evolving dental industry, braces now come in two stylish forms. Aside from the traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces are also available. These are perfect for patients who are more conscious of the aesthetic aspect of their teeth.

The aim of using braces is to straighten the alignment of the teeth. Braces help reposition the teeth to fix the bite of a patient. It also aims to help improve an individual’s dental health.

Braces work because of the proven scientific methods adapted to meet your specific needs.  Simply put, the use of braces work by applying pressure continuously over the teeth.

The teeth will move slowly but continuously for a period of time. It is geared towards a certain direction as it aims to reposition according to your realignment goals. As the teeth are pressured to move, so does the jaw bone.

The thin metal wires do most of the job as it holds everything in place during the repositioning. Our friendly orthodontist will make adjustments to your braces regularly to ensure efficiency and comfort.

Towards the end of your procedure, not only will your teeth’s alignment be straightened but will also improve your bite. It will also help patients smile with confidence.

At Crown Point Orthodontics, we aim to help you achieve your teeth alignment and bite goals. We provide exceptional orthodontic solutions to your overcrowded teeth, teeth gaps, malocclusion, and crooked teeth alignment.

Procedure for Getting Brace

The process of getting braces starts with a consultation.It is best to get a proper recommendation from an orthodontic expert.

After a comprehensive dental examination, our orthodontist will discuss with you the severity of overcrowding, malocclusion, gaps, and misalignment of your teeth. All possible orthodontic options will also be discussed with you, including the entirety of the procedure.

At our Charlotte orthodontics practice, Dr. Lauren Lockhart will assess and diagnose the extent of your orthodontic needs. She will also recommend the most ideal type of braces that suits your lifestyle. Whether it is the traditional metal braces or clear ceramic braces, Dr. Lockhart ensures a safe, effective and comfortable procedure.

After an extensive discussion with our trusted orthodontist, a thorough dental cleaning will be made. This is to ensure that the surface of your teeth is clean. The surface must be pumiced or free from plaque, calculus, and tartar prior to bonding the brackets.

Once the teeth are clean the components of the braces will be attached to the teeth.  Braces comprise of different components that help achieve your orthodontic goals. Here are the common components of braces:

1. Brackets

These are the main parts of the braces. They are the small metal or ceramic squares bonded onto each tooth. They act as building blocks to ensure the smooth repositioning of the teeth.

The brackets are bonded one by one onto the teeth with a composite bonding adhesive agent. The brackets must be placed in its correct position to ensure effective results.

2. Archwire

This is the wire that is attached to each bracket across the teeth. It is usually made of thin metal wires. The archwire helps pull the teeth into the right direction to achieve optimum results.

The ideal size and type of archwire are recommended and manipulated to ensure optimum alignment. Archwires are adjusted or changed as needed. It ensures the application of pressure needed to consistently reposition the teeth.

3. Alastics

These are small rubber rings that come in different colors. They are wound around the brackets once the archwires are set in place. Alastics hold the archwire in place to ensure consistent pressure on the teeth. These are changed during routine adjustment appointment.

Once the set of braces are attached to your teeth, the process of realignment or repositioning of your teeth starts as well. However, the process does not stop at getting your braces. You should help maintain dental hygiene while using braces.


At Crown Point Orthodontics, Dr. Lockhart will provide tips and guidelines on how you can maintain the hygiene of your teeth and braces at home.

It is highly recommended that you visit our orthodontic office in Charlotte, NC regularly for adjustment routines. In case of pain or discomfort in your teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw, you should see your braces provider right away.

You may contact us at 704-246-6044 to learn more about braces and other orthodontic treatments.

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