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When you are experiencing severe tooth pain, choosing the best treatment for any type of dental problem can be overwhelming. By talking to an experienced endodontist, they can help you understand the problem and provide the right solution.

While regular dentists can provide immediate dental care, endodontists have advanced training with more specialized techniques to help you relieve the pain and discomfort while maintaining the beauty of your smile. At Crown Point Orthodontics, we provide the best and most advanced endodontics treatment in Charlotte, NC.

More commonly known as “root canal”, endodontics treatment resolves more complex dental problems pertaining to severe tooth decay, severely infected nerves, complex issues of the blood vessels or the “inner pulp”. This type of dental treatment can relieve you from pain without having to resort to tooth extraction, hence, saving your teeth.

Infected pulp? Severe tooth pain? Talk to our Crown Point Orthodontics endodontist today. Call Crown Point Orthodontics at (704) 246-6044 to learn more about endodontics dentistry or book an appointment.


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